CoVid19 and changes at Commlet

First, we want to take this opportunity to thank health and essential service workers, and their families, for their efforts and care, knowing full well they are putting themselves and their families at risk even with the best possible measures in place. These are unprecedented times requiring unprecedented measures. Those in essential services such as health care, the food and medical supply chain have really stepped up to the plate. They are our heroes, an example to us all. But there are also the lesser seen heroes, those that are carers, those that shop and drop for those that can’t get out such as the elderly and vulnerable. They are heroes too. We recognise you, honour you and with heartfelt gratitude, we thank you.

As many know, we were working towards a launch of our school supervision products with beta testing to commence Q2 2020, around now. The advent of CoVid19 has made this target impossible for all practical reasons and with the turmoil in schools, we know that deployment of these solutions is low on the priority list compared to the educational needs in schools, all of which are disrupted.

Our vision here has always been the protection of the vulnerable, be that children or adults. School children was our starting point, given our founder’s experience as a school teacher. She knows, first hand, just how difficult and complex the situation can be managing groups of children with a mix of needs coupled with a drive to educate all.

Our plan has always been to move our solution forward step by step, to integrate health monitoring for the vulnerable, to open our solution to individuals or small groups such as a parent or guardian with a child, to extended family care for one of more children, to the carers of a vulnerable adult with health needs, or to a carer of someone liable to wander.

CoVid19 has not only resulted in us having to rethink as a business, but has shown us the critical need for such solutions, required in complex times, to help care for the vulnerable. With that in mind, we are moving our solution to that end, advancing our business to serve the vulnerable and their carers. We will soon be launching our single and small group solution with health care monitoring without losing any of the group monitoring features. This is a complex time for us to maneuver the business, the technology and the solution. We know this is the right thing to do and this is the right time to do it.

We thank those of you that have shown interest in our schools beta program. Your patience and understanding in these difficult and unprecedented times are appreciated and we look forward to serving you when the school situation settles. We look forward to servicing this need in due course. Meanwhile, we look forward to providing this much needed solution to help those in need.

Thank you

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