Why Tech supervision is necessary.

GPS is a proven technology since the 1970s. I am a Mom and have been an educator since 1993. With the world changing and outdoor education increasing in popularity, supervising children in large populated areas has become challenging. Children exploring the outdoors supports team building skills, independence, and creative thinkers who will be better able to solve real world problems. Every teacher, by law, acts as each child’s prudent parent and is responsible for their education as well as their safety. If you ask any teacher, they will tell you preparing for a field trip is a daunting task. Preparation includes organizing appropriate groups, signing up volunteer parents, and sometimes replacing staff at the last minute. A typical class often includes one child with a medical condition, one child with a special learning need, and one with a safety or wandering risk. Boards of Education strive for inclusive education. Tech supervision tools which can assist in the monitoring and locating of children would support inclusive education while keeping students safe and allow peace of mind for all involved. In England, 2017, I was supervising a class of 5-year old students in a forest. The forest expedition included a castle, moat, obstacle course, river boat ride and many other attractions that are exciting and appealing to children. At one point, one of my students was overwhelmed and felt she needed help exiting the obstacle course. It was necessary for me to assist that child while the others in my group had to be trusted to remain in the spot designated. Throughout my years as an educator, similar situations have occurred. I thought, there’s got to be a better way to supervise children on school trips. Thus, Commlet Technologies was born. Commlet Technologies is a tech supervision tool for teachers, ensuring accountability for School Boards and peace of mind for parents.

This blog by a forward thinking, concerned mom sees the value in utilizing this technology while on school trips

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