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Commlet combines our innovative, user friendly app with GPS bracelets to streamline how children’s groups are compiled; saving educators and supervisors valuable time.  We ensure accountability for school boards by knowing everyone is where they should be, and peace of mind for parents while aiding teacher supervision. Commlet offers a user-friendly solution for real-time positioning. Teachers can keep track of students while exploring outdoor learning environments.


From the moment students leave school, Commlet will provide peace of mind in knowing where your students are by providing additional supervision for those moments where learning happens. Notifications are sent to the supervising staff when students have left the set location. GPS then provides the student's location. 


School safety is everyone's number one concern, while allowing children to explore our world. Outdoor classrooms are increasing in popularity. They create critical thinkers who are better able to solve real world problems. Children learn best when given the opportunity to explore. Teachers are better able to guide learning while fully engaged. Commlet provides extra student supervision to teachers while they guide children's learning.


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What Commlet does:

Commlet (communication bracelet):

Monitors students, notifies supervisors and locates once outside geofence set.  Protect what's most important to you.

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Auto grouping


Real-time live tracking


Proximity Alerts



Call, SOS, Text

Tamper Alert

Water Resistant




· Trip list compiled based on individual risk criteria.

BONUS: education can truly be inclusive when we welcome children with ASD on outdoor excursion.

· Easy communication between supervisors and school. (1 click away)

· alert notification when running or hiding.

(Children with ASD are 8 times more likely to run between the ages of 7 and 10; school aged).

· Geofences can be set and saved for frequent trips.

· child’s headshot for volunteers or emergency responders not familiar with the child.

· History to retrace steps

· Commlet provides Geofences as well as proximity alerts to track child’s distance from supervision.

· number of bracelets added can be defined and changed.

The Buzz

Outdoor Classrooms


Forest schools in the UK, outdoor classrooms in Canada and the US, they are beneficial to everyone. With the workload and stress level facing teachers, Commlet (communication bracelet) helps lessen supervision stress while allowing exploration, creativity and confidence for all.


Bus technology happening

GPS Tracking School Children https://lnkd.in/dMZcfWn via @YouTube #US sees benefit of tracking student safety by utilizing already proven technology. Why stop at bus arrival and departure notifications? Commlet, worth the investment.

Parent Blog: Student tracking


GPS is a proven technology since the 1970s. This blog by a forward thinking, concerned mom sees the value in utilizing this technology while on school trips. Blog posted January 2018. https://lnkd.in/d5QHdX3 Commlet Technologies can help with student's supervision.