Patsy Leadbeater
CEO & President

Mother, classroom teacher and Early Childhood Educator.
Patsy has enjoyed 25 years experience working with and supervising children in many ages, stages, abilities, and environments. She has studied. worked, and lived in Toronto and the UK as an Early Childhood Educator, Home Daycare co-ordinator, classroom teacher and Childcare supervisor.

Patsy has recently begun the journey of caring remotely for her mother to ensure her health is monitored and she remains safe at home. Knowing the worries of a daughter and the need for a parent's autonomy, Patsy understands the many degrees and varying needs of vulnerable individuals.

Patsy has experienced first-hand the need to adapt to changes in vulnerable individuals lives while ensuring their freedom to live life fully. With a global pandemic, monitoring the vulnerable has become more important than ever before.

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Veronica Merryfield

Veronica not only brings her multifaceted business and technology skills of over 30 years to her CTO position with Commlet but also her experiences as a long term caregiver and parent.

Veronica spent a number of years caring for her sick wife who had a number of complex medical conditions, requiring multiple hospitalizations and surgeries, that ultimately took her life at the tender age of 48. All the care was provided at home by Veronica. Her experiential understanding of being a caregiver has played a significant role at Commlet.

Veronica completed her formal education in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Portsmouth University although her passion for music spurned her to learn about electronics in her early teens in order to make her first music synthesiser. A polymath, she has held a number of positions both technical and in sales, marketing, business development and management. She has worked in a broad range of markets and with many technologies. As well as travelling to many places in the world, she has lived in Taiwan, Israel, Vancouver and now calls Cape Breton home, moving here in 2016 when her wife retired on medical grounds.

Veronica volunteers with LGBT children and youth as well as parents and families. She is a sought after speaker on LGBT, diversity, inclusion and technology subjects.

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